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RE: SunFish and BlueGills

To all my correctors...

	Thank you for the corrections and explanations (Bob especially).
That's what happens when a EE sticks his nose into a chemistry
question.....lends new meaning to my sig ;>  

	On an only marginally related topic.  Can anyone confirm for me if
oxygenating your water actually has a detrimental effect on Cyanophyta?
I have had mixed results with battling Cyanophyta by using powerheads
with air intakes.  In some cases it seems to have worked well, and in
others it has had no effect at all.  I think perhaps the extra
circulation was more important even in my successful cases.  I have
since achieved far greater success by regulating light levels, but am
still curious about the relative merits of my previous tactic.

Kevin Murphy

"I know nothing.  That which I believe is mostly wrong, and subject to
continual revision."