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Black Algae

Juan Wrote:

>So I donīt think it is too hard to keep ciclhids with plants, at least
>the ones I have as long as you give them an adequate diet.

Thanks for the tips Juan. Sorry that the plecos did not do the trick for
you.  I don't know why they were so sucessful in cleaning my plants so
well.  I have a 110g tank and I added eight very young plecos to the tank.
When they were first added, I had let the tank go for three weeks without
cleaning the glass or plants of algae (not that I would try to clean the
plants anyway).  Within two days, all of the algae was gone from both the
glass and plants. It was such a turnabout that I was very surprised -
extremely dramatic difference.

I have noticed that plecos seem to become a little lazy with age, so if you
tried plecos before and they were a bit older (bigger than a inch in
length), I would give it another try with younger ones.

I will start feeding the plecos lettuce and zucchini chips (cucumbers work
well too, I am told) to see if they will stop eating the anubias.  If that
doesn't work, I always have my swords which they have not touched so far.

As far as cichlids and plants: I should have mentioned that I was
interested in Central or South American cichlids and not Africans.  If
anyone out there has had success with keeping CA or SA cichlids in a
planted aquarium, please let me know.


Ken Guin
Kenguin at erols_com