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Re: Black algae

I already tried removing the black algae from the anubias using plecos
but apparently itīs to hard for them. I would probably break the leave
if I tried to scratch it off with a blade. I have put a pair of
otocinclus in the tank but they seem to prefer the algae patches in the
glass which is obviously a different kind.
Jessica, I would love to try the ramshorn snails but up to date Iīve
been unable to find them here in Madrid. They donīt seem to bring them
here, and they would probably charge you as if it were a endangered
species. I canīt only get apple snails, so Iīm going to try with them
(desperation). Iīll put an anubia plant and the snail alone in a small
container and see what happens. So Iīll tell you if it has the same
effect as the ramshorn snail.

Ken, I keep cichlids with  plants and have not much of a problem. I
think you can always have anubias and val with just about any green
eater fish. But I also keep plants with softer leaves, like hygrophilas,
and they donīt bother it and there are herbivorous fish  like tropheus.
Probably the key is to feed them with green matter. I give them
spiruline charged pellets and also very important I put almost daily a
piece of lettuce in the tank which they religiously devour. So if you
give them a better alternative to untasty green leaves theyīll take it.
Iīve also noticed that they attack more a plant infected with algae than
a clean one. I had a hygrophila covered with algae from another tank
and put it in the ciclihd tank in hope of recovery, also with other
hygrophila in perfect condition and they bite the sick one, probably
seeking the algae, but taking in the way bites of the leaves. Itīs now
almost completely eaten.
So I donīt think it is too hard to keep ciclhids with plants, at least
the ones I have as long as you give them an adequate diet.

Juan Berrocal