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Re: Sunfish and Bluegills

In a message dated 97-09-22 03:52:45 EDT, James T. Miller writes:

<< Do native fish like sunfish or bluegills do OK in freshwater aquariums?
> caught as small fish do they obtain their natural size?  I'm thinking of a
> 55 or 75 gallon planted tank.
 -  >>

    There are numerous species of Sunfish, of which the bluegill is one.  I
have kept bluegills and pumpkinseeds in 29 gallon tanks and larger.  They do
best when caught small, and yes, they will grow to full size.  They are
voracious eaters, though, and I have decided from personal experience that
most cold-water Native American fishes, including killies of the genus
Fundulus are.  They are best kept chilled, but seem to di okay up to around
76 degrees.  Above that and they do not usually get enough oxygen to survive
(As temp rises, metabolic rate increases, and available dissolved oxygen
decreases).  Both of these fish are exceptionally colorful, and rival
anything in the freshwater tropics.
    You may want to check with your state's Fish and Wildlife officer before
keeping them.  Some states count them as game fish, and rules on collecting
and keeping them in home aquaria vary by state.

Best of luck,
Bob Dixon