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Tank Repairs

To add to Paul Krombholtz'z advice on cleaning the joints thoroughly:

I have found it well worth the trouble to perform a FINAL cleaning of the
joint area with Alcohol. Rubbing Alcohol is satisfactory. The Silicone
Sealant will cure, sticking to whatever is there. You want to be sure there
is NOTHING there but clean glass. The Alcohol ensures there are no oils still
there to interfere with the bond.

Generally, I have had to lay large tanks on their sides so I could work on
the bottom joints in relative comfort. It gets pretty hard to breathe when
you start putting the sealer in! That acetic acid really gets to your nose. 

Also, when resealing a big tank, try your local hardware store, eg. Menards,
for caulking gun tubes of sealant. CHECK THE LABELS!!! The ones that are OK
for aquarium repair SAY THAT ON THE LABEL in small type. 


Jean Olson
JOlson8590 at AOL_com
Out in the Boonies, near
Cambridge, Iowa