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Crypt rot and Centerpiece plants

> From: "Sherlock W. Wong"
> Has anybody else seen rot caused by lighting changes?
> I saw a old posting saying that this could be a cause.

Yup. I've seen Crypt. rot from water changes, lighting changes, and even
plant trimmings. Crypts are pretty sensitive to any abrupt changes in
their environment. The good news is that they usually recover and adapt
to their new conditions.

RE: Question from a previous APD

Centerpiece Plants: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder here. If you
are looking for red plants, then you might want to try Rotala Macranda,
or Alternanthera Reinecki. I have A. Reinecki and have found it to be a
gorgeous plant. It seems to like good light and CO2. Another plant that
I have that I think is quite striking is Echinodorus Osiris V. "Ocelot".
The new leaves are bright red with darker red splotches. The leaves
eventually turn green but keep the spots. It doesn't seem to grow quite
as quickly as the "plain" Osiris, but I think that this is a good thing.
Mine puts out a bloom stem fairly frequently. 

Pat Bowerman