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Re: The term DH

Ric Cooney wrote:
> Merrill, Unless the Baltimore you are refering to is not in Maryland the
> here is 2o and the GH is 4o. The department of public works 1996 water
> averages lists hardness, EDTA as 92ppm or 5o GH ; KH is listed as 2.8o.
> By the way am I the only one that gets confused with the term DH? Couls
> standardize on the term KH when used for alkalinity, and GH when used for
> General Hardness. I know it would help me.

DH is the German scale for "degrees hardness" -- one DH is equal to 1 part
of CaCO3 dissolved in 100,000 parts of water.  Or, 1 DH equals 17 ppm
(parts per million).  Alkalinity refers to pH.  It would take pages to
refer to the rest and why EDTA?  Maybe that's what makes our Maryland crabs
better than the imports from other states!  Incidentally, the DH varies
with the amount of rain we get.

Best wishes,