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My tiny tank and snails and....

Hi everyone, I just wanted to thank you all for all the great advice
I've gotten over the past month on my tiny tank and my algae problem. I
thought people might enjoy an update.
I finally got the tiny tank set up this morning at work. So far it has
only the incandescent hood. I'll be watching the plants closely to see
if I need the florescent. I decided on plain old gravel substrate, no
potting soil, but some fertilizer tablets to start the plants off. I
bought one crypt. wendtii that has turned out to be about six c.
wendtiis when I removed the rockwool, five e. tennellus, and a banana
plant. I think someone's sending me some java moss, so all my plants are
low to moderate light plants and fairly short. The crypts will look
fantastic when they're taller, since it's definitely a short-themed tank
now! I'm sticking to a small world filter I had lying around for now,
and will contemplate something bigger if necessary. That's it on the
tiny tank. Tomorrow the algae eater goes in, with algae disks to
suppliment him until he has algae to eat. Then in a few weeks when the
tank has cycled, in go the two mollies.
On another note, I took Olga's advice, and got two (actually three, but
one was unintentional) ramshorn snails and I'm delighted! They are
tearing through the horrible algae in my 25 gallon and have already laid
eggs everywhere :) so I'll soon have a herd of algae-eating snails
plowing through the tank. It certainly needs it. They've nearly cleared
off one anubia and there's hope for the other one. Yea! Now if they'll
just find my amazon sword, I'll be happy. They are pretty too, you were
right. My tiny tank will soon have snails as well, I suspect, as I can
see eggs on one of the crypts. So far so good. Thanks all. 
And finally, I got another hillstream loach for my tank, I think the
elusive yellow with dark spots. He's the opposite of the other two,
anyway. So here's a question: I noticed one of my loaches seems to be
bleaching out! The area around his gills, the edges of his fins, and the
top by his dorsal fin are all turning well...creamy. There's no sign of
fungus at all. The other established loach is slowly doing it too, with
a creamy fringe around his fins. They're active and seem healthy, but
they look...patchy to say the least. Has anyone else encountered this?
Any thoughts? I don't know how to treat it, or even if I should. I only
noticed it after I put the new one in the tank (like an hour after, so
no, they haven't caught anything). Could it be a territorial thing?
Jessica (sorry for the book)