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Re: Algae Scrubbers

Subject: Re: Algae Scrubber filters

>    I am thinking of trying an algae scrubber filter in my 30 gallon > tank.

 I agree with David Aikens general assessment that there doesn't seem to
be any real need for an "Algae Scrubber" in a planted tank. 
 I have yet to try one myself but have been intrigued with their concept
ever since I read about about their use in marine aquariums. I suspect
there are many on this list that keep some fish tanks without plants,
especially if keeping a lot of cichlids. For those that may want to try
a scrubber, I have a suggestion for you that I learned from one of my
  The customer is a large bio-lab that is working on many solutions for
feeding the future generations. One of their projects is raising food
fish such as the Tilapia (cichlids). These fish require huge holding
tanks (vats). Their filter of choice is an "algae scrubber". 
  After much experimenting, they believe the best plant for the scrubber
is NOT an algae. For those that might be inclined to build a scrubber
based on their research, you might want to try a "Fontenellis scrubber".
  The way Fontenellis can mat up, I suspect it also makes a decent
mechanical filter as well as biological filter.
Dan Quackenbush