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"Rainbow" algae eating shrimp

A couple of weeks ago I was at the pet store (a good one when it comes to
staff, and fish and plants) and they had some "Rainbow" shrimp for sale for
1.89$ each. They were fairly small, I'd say about the size of a neon tetra,
maybe a little less. They were a drab greyish-white in color and slightly
transluscent. I was told (without asking first) that they eat were similar to
ghost shrimp but better at eating algae, and that they eat any type of it,
including the filamentous thread algae. I didn't get a scientific name and
they didn't know the shrimps' lifespan either. They recommended I get 10 of
them for a 55 gallon tank with low to moderate algae problems. I don't recall
rainbow shrimp being mentioned on the list, and my search of the archives
didn't turn up anything on them. I already have 6 SAEs and 6 otos, but they
don't eat the thread algae I have nor for that matter all that much of the
brush algae. I had been considering trying some shrimp after reading about
how great Amano found them to be, but what people had to say about them on
the archives was far less glowing (short-lived, hard to get, some only filter
feed, large numbers of them needed, didn't eat much algae, etc.). The types
discussed were ghost, wood, and yamato-numaebi (Amano's), but I didn't see
rainbow shrimp mentioned. Has anyone heard of them or know anything about
them? Are they better than other types? Will they eat thread algae?

Thanks for any help,