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blackish-gray hair algae

Problem -	I have a tank that has been set up for six months.  The past
month i noticed a hairy blackish-gray algae growing.  The algae only grows
on plants, rocks, and ornaments, I have not seen any growing on the glass.
It is very tough, holds tightly to the surface.  The algae has several
hairs that will grow from a central node on the surface of the object but
their are many nodes of this algae on the objects and plants and it grows
quite thick. If I dont find out how to stop it soon it looks like it will
take over the whole tank.
Setup -	A 50 gal. tank with a Magnum 350, bio-wheel pro 60, aquaclear 200,
DIY Co2.  I have two Spectramax and 1 Colormax bulbs giving me 120 watts of
light.  I only have gravel in the bottom of the tank.
	4 Angels, 2 Rams, 2 Firemouths, 2 bleeding heart tetras, 5 platys, 2
mollies, 1 hatchet fish, 4 neons, 3 octinlinus(? small algae eaters that
wont eat this type of algae) and 2 small bala sharks.
	3 Java ferns, 2 Cabomba, 1 Red Ludwigia, 1 Water Wisteria, 1 Amazon Sword,
Hairgrass, 1 Hornwort, and 4 plants which i just brought as "assorted
potted".  I have had good plant growth, the hairgrass is spreading and the
wisteria has grown wildly.  The plants have grown tremendously and I keep
them trimmed regularly.  

Water Quality - Ph 7.1.  Ammonia, nitrites and nitrates all test at 0.
Hardness is 70ppm.  I keep the tank at 78 F.

Maintenance - I change 10% of the water weekly.  Add 1 ml of Seachem
Flourish a week.  I run the micron cartridge in the magnum all the time and
change it every two weeks.  I use carbon in the aquaclear which I change
every month.  I leave the lights on ten hours a day.

This is my first tank, Ive had good succes so far and have always been able
to find answers to questions or problems that I have had but this is a
problem I cant seem to figure out.  First, I dont even know what kind of
algae this is, and I dont know what might be out of balance.  Any
information would be greatly appreciated, it looks like my tank is falling