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Re: Distilled vs Deionized

<<Diluting hard water with distilled water should lower the kH but
not necessarily the genernal hardness. To change that one would
have to use distilled and dionized water.
I'm pretty sure on this but the chemical gurus on the list may
add to this.>>

Not so.  Distilled water is the purest form of water and will certainly lower
both kH and gH.  The kH will depend on the amount of CO2 dissolved in the
water.  Deionized water varies with the quality of the deionizer and the
process used.  It may still contain some organic material that is not
charged.  That's what the activated carbon filters are for.  Reverse Osmosis
(RO) water is very close to distilled water in purity.

Bill Cwirla - Hacienda Heights