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Green Water & PMDD

Most people don't want green water, but I'm actually trying to create it
in a jar/small container (not the fishtank).  Anyone have any ideas on how
to do it?  I just want green water, not other kinds of algae if I can help

One person mentioned the bit about PMDD and no substrate fertilizer.  I
believe in the original PMDD article they mention using a fertilizer
tablet in the gravel.  I do the same and use Jobe's Plant sticks.  The
combination of PMDD and the Jobe's Plant sticks is all I have needed for
lush growth (with no deficiencies).  So, yes, it does help to have
something in the substrate.

A second person mentioned some blue green algae in their tank for the
first three (and subsequent) weeks of using PMDD.  I (and some others)
have noted that BGA does grow while establishing the iron levels and
nitrate levels in the tank.  Once the nitrate is dosed properly, the BGA
does recede.  In fact, I guage my nitrate dosing by algae growth.  Of
course, I like just a little bit of green algae for my Otto's and SAE's,
so I overdose nitrates just a little bit.


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