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Re: Hard Water, AGA & Perfecto Aquariums APD V2 #964

     Hey Folks!
     Just my two cents on these subjects...
     Be very careful of bottled distilled water.  It is my understanding 
     (from back in the reef keeping days) that most distilled water is 
     processed through copper tubing and can still be high in mineral 
     content that is added back by the distilling equipment.  Around here 
     we have a fairly nasty phosphate content in the tap water and I run 
     all makeup water through an R.O. and D.I. unit.  It's a little 
     overkill (but the resins certainly last a longer! ;-) ).
     I don't think All Glass Aquarium (AGA) or Perfecto necessarily make a 
     bad product (I have owned several of their tanks), but Oceanic does 
     make a better product (and their prices reflect it!).  The glass is 
     thicker, the joints are better, and the overall fit and finish is of 
     higher quality.  A Yugo will get you back and forth to work, but a 
     Cadillac will do in style and more reliably, IF you are willing to pay 
     the price.  What ever tank you choose, make sure it is on a sturdy and 
     level stand designed to take it's weight.  Throw a piece of 1/2" rigid 
     insulating foam (the blue kind available at home improvement stores 
     like Lowe's or Home Quarters) under the tank.  It will not only help 
     cushion the tank, but it will help reduce heat loss through the 
     substrate as well (a real plus if you are using low voltage heating 
     cables in the substrate).
     Michael Dunn
     michael.dunn at thalhimer_com