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Fountain plants/fertilizer

 Christopher Carrigan wrote:
>Subject: >Fountain Plants<
>My local store here has a plant for sale called a fountani plant. Looks
>like a Val sp, but has stiffer, narrower leaves. No one here seems to know
>the correct name or how big it gets. Any ideas?

I believe that this a bog plant. I will eventually die if grown submersed.
I had one several years ago -- very nice looking plant. Died after a couple
of months.

in Vancouver

 Ed.Walker wrote:

>6 ml of PMDD/day?!  What size tank do you have? How long have you
>been dosing at this level. Do you measure iron and nitrates to determine

Hi Ed -- I have a 48 gallon. I started dosing at 6 ml (which is the
recommended amount according to my literature) only about 2 months ago. Yes
I measure both. They are both right, also according to Paul and Kevin's
article. Before I was wishy washy about dosing, putting in only about 3 ml
and not regularly. I paid for it with lots of algae. I know it seems
strange to add all those nutrients to control algae but it worked. Wish I
had some before and after photos. :)

Thanks for you input on my question. I will continue to dose as usual after

in Vancouver