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PMDD & Tablet Fertilisers

I have come across some conflicting information regarding the dosing of
PMDD. I know that you need to supply enough PMDD daily to keep Fe levels at
around 0.1 Mg/Ltr. My tank is 50 UK gallons net and I have been using around
3-4 ml/day. My present test kit is not good enough to accurately read down
to 0.1 mg/ltr so I have just ordered a LaMotte kit.

What would the group advise would be a good `ball-park` amount to be adding
to a fully planted 50 Gall system/day that follows the Dupla 10 basic rules?
1ml ? 3 ml? 5 ml ??

Also, I note from George that the Dupla system uses daily fertiliser Dupla
24 AND tablets to add to the water at water changes ?

Why do tablets need to be added ? If people using PMDD are NOT adding Dupla
type tablets on a regular basis or at water changes, are our plants getting
a full compliment of nutrients ? I don`t seem to have noticed any comments
about this when PMDD is generally talked about.

Informed comments welcome.

Andy M Moore - Blackpool, England
andy at ascot_u-net.com

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