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Re: Clipping Sagittaria


>Hello, all.  I have some Sagittaria that I picked up at a local
>auction which is doing great.  I've never bothered to ID it, as I
>reckon it's probably some x var y that I'd never be able to puzzle out
>anyway.  Its leaves are about 1/2" (1.3 cm) wide, possibly a bit
>wider, and its reddish.  The problem is that the plants are over 36"
>tall!  What I'm wondering is whether it's OK to clip these at the
>water line, as they're creating considerable shade in my tank, which
>is about 16" high.

I have a much smaller growing sag, but I have some jungle val that easily 
gets that tall in my 55 living room tank. If I don't trim it the leaves get 
to be such a mass on the top the fish even have trouble getting up to the 
top to eat. I trim mine to about 2 inches or so above the water surface so 
it still has a nice affect. I trim it about every couple months. I did them 
the other day and pulled a full 4 gallon bucket worth of trimings out. I 
just feed all the trimmings to my golden apple and Columbian ramshorn 

Obviously sag is a different plant but they are pretty similar and I have 
found no ill effects from the trimmings on the val.


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