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Re: Aquarium repair

David Jones wrote:

>        any one have suggestions on aquarium repair, one of my 40 gallon tanks
>decided to spring a serious leak. one corner of the mostly glass tank gave
>way and I am unsure whether to disassemble it or just squeeze more silicone
>into the corner.

I bought a used 55 gallon that was a leaker, and I didn't go as far as
disassembling, but I scraped away all the silicone on the inside with a
single edge razor blade, then cleaned the glass with steel wool and
scouring powder, then rinsed very thoroughly, then dried for about a week
and then reapplied silicone liberally on all the inside joins right up to
the top of the tank. (By "joins", I mean where one glass plate meets
another. ) It has held up for over 20 years.  The important thing is to get
the glass surfaces really clean where you are going to apply silicone.

Paul Krombholz in dry, not too hot for us (around 90 for the high) Jackson,