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Advise me

I have two questions. First, does anyone have any thoughts on reverse
flow VS regular flow for undergravel filters in a planted tank? Second,
would somebody, who is experienced with the many types of aquatic
plants, be interested in identifying a plant of mine? I bought this
plant a few years ago and I now have around 15 plants. I lost the
original tag that came with it and can't remember what it is. I will
send out a speciman for the identifier to keep. It has long slender
olive green leaves on 4-7 inch stems. Its not a sword and it might be a
crypt of some sort. Reply to me by private email if your interested. 
	I am also in the process of moving and I am going to completly redo my
140 Gallon tank. There has been lots of discussion about what the best
set up is and I have considered them all, but have yet to decide on my
appraoch. Any last minute input on how I should proceed? Should I
forsake my undergravel filter and use just my canister? Lose the gravel
and replace it one of the many soil/peat/clay/sand/gravel mixtures? The
only thing I know for sure is that I am going to add more light and DIY
CO2. I am going to pass on the substrate heating for now. I am here to
be persuaded.

Corvallis,  Oregon