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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #960

>Marque Crozman wrote :

>Congratulations, and thank you from all the English speaking
>world. Aqua Journal will certainly be very keenly read by us
>here in Australia, we have been dying to find out more about
>Mr. Amano's aquariums, as we don't yet have his third book
>in his series released here yet (The Nature Aquarium ADA Concept).
>Could you please forward the subscription details of the magazine
>about to be released to me please so that I may also subscribe.
>Marque Crozman.
>Brisbane, Austalia.

Greetings Mr Crozman and all aquatic Gardeners,

Thank you all for your interest in ADA Aqua Journal (English edition),
you might like to check out your local Aquarium shops or book retailers
on the availabilty dates. However there are only limited copies on
the first few print runs, most of the smaller retailers near you are
allocated  no more than 5 copies  per outlet. If you can't get any copies
in your local area, and would like to purchase it off the news stand,
please kindly inform your local pet or magazine distributors to
contact us. We will try our best to make the AQUA JOURNAL available
in the region near you.

Alternatively, you can subscribe to us, the  new  English edition of
Aqua Journal magazine will be open  for subscription somewhere
in November. Tentatively, to date,  subcription and retail rates are
not confirmed for all regions.

The first publication official launch date  will be in January 1998,
subscription will be accepted  2 months before hand to facilitate
advance  shipping. We will keep you posted  if you would like to be
on our mailing list.

If you wish to be informed when annual subscription is available,
please sent your email to  <vectrapd at singnet_com.sg  > and
include this title on the subject : "AQUA JOURNAL subscription info"

As to your question on the third book in the series
of the Nature Aqaurium world. (*TFH 2nd & 3rd vol
of the Nature Aquarium is actually a complilation
of Nature Aquarium Japanese edition book 2, published
in Japan. The 3rd edition of the Nature Aquarium Japan edition
will be know as Nature Aquarium book 4 for the english edition.)

From my understand, in my previous discussion with
Mr Amano pertaining to the Nature Aquarium vol 3 Japan edition,
(Or Vol 4 english edition) it is still in the works. Tententive
publication release dates for the Vol. 3 will be  in early summer
next year. The Nature Aquarium Volume 3 will be a compilation
of Mr Amano latest works plus photographic footage of his expedition
around the world that inspire him for the creation of the new Aquascapes.
Mr Amano has invited 10 of the best talent in graphic design
to combine their expertise for Volume 3. This will be a "GOLDEN  edition"
printed and bound in hard cover for collectors of the Nature Aquarium series,
only limited nos of  copies will be released worldwide. You will be able
some of the work previewed in the forthcoming  issues of the AQUA JOURNAL.


Best Regards,
James Lim
Aqua Journal (International edition)

Here is a brief introduction to Nature Aquarium world - Aqua Journal

Due to the overwhelming enquiries I have recieved from
people on this list in the past few days concerning the AQUA JOURNAL,
I decided to post the following information for the benefit of all whom I am
unable to personally reply to.

Nature Aquarium Magazine " AQUA JOURNAL (ENGLISH EDITION)"
A  Full-color monthly publication for the Aquatic Horticulture hobbyist.
The cost  of  Annual subscription is not confirmed but are
plans for one limited edition poster of The Nature Aquarium worth $29.90
given free to the first 2000 subscribers

Here is a brief introduction to the Aqua Journal:

The Art of Aquascaping.

The AQUA JOURNAL is published monthly in English and Japanese edition.
Plans are underway to publish the AQUA JOURNAL into 12 languages soon. Each
publication contains Takashi Amano's original Aquascapes, inspired by
nature's creation. Noted  for his unreal waterscapes and superb
photography, the author brings much expertise into his instructions with
great emphasis on Aquascape design with valuable hints. He brings a self
evident  enjoyment  into his writings with an enthusiasm he is determine to
share with the rest of the world with, and pass on to others.

The informative articles in the AQUA JOURNAL caters no only to novice but
as well as the serious hobbyist. For the enthusiast, the journal will be a
source of inspiration for creating breathtaking waterscapes- from small to
large sized aquariums.

Beside the excellent photography,  there will be, technical advice on
cultivation of aquatic plants as well as advice on maintenance of planted

In addition to Mr Amano's  beautiful waterscapes are detail description of
the biological conditions necessary for the cultivation of Aquatic plants,
their identifications and ecology. We have also included description of
methods  on the Art of Nature Aquarium aquascaping techniques  used to
create  waterscapes you see in some of the Nature Aquarium Books, as well
as advice on maintenance of planted tanks and a question and answer
sections that will be addressed by Mr Amano and  ADA  Aquatic Biology
Research staff.

With an abundance of enthusiasm for the subject, Takashi Amano has a
treasure trove of experience which to drawn upon and, at the same time, is
more than willing to share and impart his concept of creating Nature
Aquarium. Beginners and serious hobbyist can take heart from the
information in this journal that creating a waterscape not beyond his or
her capabilities.

Each month, we have special feature articles on aquascapes using  different
species of Aqua plants with themes and  layout technique. There will also
be occasional  articles and photography coverage  of  various geographic
areas  as ADA field expedition team span the globe  in exploration of the
natural habitat.

Every waterscape featured in AQUA  JOURNAL  publications are photographed
with large format (4"x5"., 5"x7"., 8"x10"., 8"x20"., 11"x14", 8" x 20")
panoramic cameras, (the 8' x 20' camera and films are the only one of its
kind in the world) custom build just for Mr Amano's Aquascape  photography.
Every minute details of his Nature aquascape  layout are captured in
hi-fidelity colors. Naturally, to bring out the best of his waterscapes,
this publication is evidently a large publication (240mm x 300mm) with 44
to 58 pages of superbly illustrated color photos. Printed with no less than
300 linescreen on heavy gsm glossy art paper stock that have been awarded
the International Nordic Swan environmental label. This monthly publication
is brought to you by joint effort between AQUA AMANO DESIGN  and
VECTRAPOINT DESIGN. For some of you, you may not have heard of Vectrapoint
Design, but I am sure some of you are familiar with many of their design
work, partial list of their regular clientele includes  Coca-Cola (Far
East), McDonald , Unisys Corp, Philip. etc

There are six main chapters :

* Special Features: Aquascapes, themes and layout technique
* PLANT SCAN: This month's featured Aquatic Plant
* NATURE AQUARIUM NOTE'S : Technical advice on the maintenance of planted tanks
* ARTICLES  from the Archives of Prof. Nagashima : Mentor of Takashi Amano.
Each month, Prof. Nagashima introduces different specimen of plants and
aquatic  and studies of the minute beauty  of Nature.
* Global Aquarist Report by leading Aqua Horticulture experts.
*Mr Takashi Amano personal articles on philosophy and appeciation  of The
Nature Aquarium and much more.........

We will post only futher information to all the recipient on our AJ mailing
If you like to on ADA 's AQUA JOURNAL mailing list, please sent email to
vectrapd at singnet_com.sg  and  include title on the subject column :
subscribe AJ Mailing list.

James Lim
AQUA JOURNAL International edition (English)

Vectrapoint Publishing /
Vectrapoint Design Associates
Email : vectrapd at singnet_com.sg
Country code : 65
Fax nos : 2341223