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San Diego

> I'll be in Dan Diego next week for the MS Professional Developer's
> Conference.  Could anybody suggest aquatic things to do beside Sea
> World?  Any good fish shops?  Any great aquatic plant exhibits? 
> George
(Sigh)  I'm afraid the commercial pickings are slim, George.  I was at Sea
World a couple of years ago and they did have a small building with
freshwater tanks in it, but I only remember a few being well planted and
only one really impressing me.  Perhaps they've come to their senses
since then.  Sea World also has some salt water exibits, but for the most
part it is an amusement park (complete with customary wallet-busting 
entrance fee). 

There is a nice saltwater aquarium in La Jolla (north San Diego)
called the The Steven Birch Aquarium.  It is run by the Scripps Institute
of Oceanography, and has some excellent exibits, though it is quite
a bit smaller than the fantastic Monterey Bay Aquarium in Northern
California.  (A must see if any of you are ever in the area)

Send me a note over private e-mail and I'll give you directions on how
to get to the Steven Birch if you're interested.

-Eric, in San Diego where we almost had a hurricane but the weather is now
back to its standard ho-hum perfection