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Re: substrate

Jessica <jminier at adhoc_com> wrote:
> 'Bout to start that tiny tank (Saturday, I hope). I was wondering, can I
> use plain old potting soil (Black Magic brand, I think, or Black Gold?)
> in the substrate? If so, will it do my plants any good? How do I use it?

I wouldn't recommend any commercial soils like potting soil since they
are very fertile and can create an algae problem. They might be used in
low quantities but we need to experiment a little more to determine the
appropriate ratios and this will vary between soil types.

Often soil from you backyard or garden is more appropriate since it is
leached and low in labile (decomposable) materials. This should only be
in a shallow layer to avoid low redox decomposition. I've been using a
mixture with fairly good results lately. In a deeper layer I use a
mineral subsoil mixed with micronized iron.