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>are you using a chelator in your solution? It's ESSENTIAL .. in your 
>aquarium, unchelated iron doesn't stay very long in its less oxidized 
>(Fe (II) state) ... I've got a batch i made @ work about 3 Mos. ago, 
>and it's still fine .. i used 20g of EDTA (WAY overkill, using much 
>less next batch), and i'm having no problems with iron staying in 

Yes.  I apologize.  I should elaborated.  The post was for those who may
have made up the PMDD from Plantex CSM as described a few month ago.  At
least the chelate is listed.  Adding additional chelate is not an option
since(after hours and hours of searching) chelating agents are apparently
not available in this section of the world.  I didn't notice any effect on
the aquarium except the iron level(measured with a LaMotte test kit)
started to drop.  I observed a fuzzy stuff(sorta looked like lint) in the
bottom of the PMDD bottle so(since I have a lifetime supply of the stuff) I
made a new batch and watched the iron climb back up.  I'm not sure it even
is a concern.  According to George and others in the group, our perception
of iron needs is probably exaggerated.  Anyway I thought some might find it
useful.  By the way what kit are you using for your iron measurements.
Most of the test kits I have used just read very little or none at all at
the levels we use.  The LaMotte kit is the only one of the obtainable kits
that gives me meaningful readings.

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