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Re: copper tubing in diy CO2

> From: "Jonathan Uy" <5js at durian_usc.edu.ph>
> Subject: copper tubing in diy CO2
> I made a diy 2 liter bottle with rubber stopper and copper tubing.  I chose
> copper tubing because the rigid airline tubing broke when I tried to insert
> it.  Plus, I can bend the copper in any direction I want.  The yeast is
> producing CO2 steadily.
> Is there any potential problem with using copper?

There is no way that the small piece of copper tubing is going to 
contribute any harmful amount of copper to your tank. The CO2 can't 
transport it and even if you somehow got water backed up into the 
tubing the brief contact time won't come close to dissolving enough 
copper to cause a problem.

A bigger concern would be a flimsy or fragile connection that could 
break causing a sudden loss of CO2 and an increase in pH and if you 
didn't have a back check valve water would syphon out of the tank.

Jim Spencer   Sayre, PA
jrs at cyber-quest_com