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Aquatic Plants Digest Vol. 02 : # 959 : mangroves

Wade Shimoda
> I read somewhere that it's illegal to harvest them in Florida, but >here, they're even trying to remove them in some places.
Yes and no, You can remove them in some counties,  but the law is there
to stop folks from cutting down whole stands of the trees, so someone
can see the bays or waterways.  When the law first came out many people
used loop holes in the law to trim them down too short to grow. Then the
law in the two counties that I did live in was changed to stop that.  No
one would (I think) would stop someone from taking a seed from a stand
>Considering how much I've seen them sold for in some of the magazines >(I think something like $29 for ONE seedling),
There are ads in the mags as you say, but I've seen them sell in the 
mags and the price was about $29 for three seedlings.  The people who
sell them are from Florida too. I think that there may be cheaper places
to buy them.  The folks selling in the mags are making a Good buck on
that deal IMO. And yes the tree stand is great to look at too.  Jim C.