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Re: plants in an eclipse

I've got Lilaeopsis in a 25 gallon with an Eclipse hood, and you're
right, the light is too low. I'm considering replacing it with pygmy
swords or something in the lower light requirements.
Just the proverbial 2 cents...


One carpet plant that I'm familiar with is Lilaeopsis.  It's leaves are
from 1-3" long when submersed.  It is a high-light plant though, and may
not make it under your lighting.

Tropica has a write-up on it on their web page, and I have photos of
at my site:
http://www.dallas.net/~dwebb/aquarium/angel_and_l_brasiliensis.jpg  I
had a
spirogyra infestation as well at the time the picture was taken, so be
aware that the algae-looking masses are exactly that.

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