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Re: Pond Snails

Jonathan Uy wrote:

>I noticed this egg clusters on my five day old plants only tanks.  I
>gave the plants a ten minute PP bath before planting but
>apparently some survive. How do I get rid of Pond snails in a
>planted tank?  I'm also planning to seed the same tank with MTS.
>Any words of advice?  Thanks.

About the only thing that seems to keep my pond snail population at
a manageable level is a clown loach.   Also, whenever you see them
crawling up the glass crush them against the glass with your finger
and let the fish eat the soft parts.  Whatever you do, don't add
copper-containing snailicides to your tank.   A few snails in a planted
tank are tolerable, but given the chance, they will overwhelm the
aquarium.  MTS are great, but can get out of hand too after a while,
although not as quickly as the pond snails.

Jonathan in Maryland, where we are having more than our fair share
of Pfisteria fish kills.
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