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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #957

> Subject: Aqua Design Amano Aqua Journal

> >And we heard what he said, and acted on it, the first Aqua Journal magazine
> >english edition will be published in
> >full colour in about 6 weeks time. How's that? If you are interested in the
> >Aqua Journal, let me know, I will send you full details for Subscription of
> >the Aqua Journal.
> >
> >James Lim
> >Publisher
> >Aqua Journal
> >

Greetings James,

Congratulations, and thankyou from all the English speaking
world. Aqua Journal will certainly be very keenly read by us
here in Australia, we have been dying to find out more about
Mr. Amano's aquariums, as we don't yet have his third book
in his series released here yet (The Nature Aquarium ADA Concept).

Could you please forward the subscription details of the magazine
about to be released to me please so that I may also subscribe.


Marque Crozman. 

Brisbane, Austalia.