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Re: Jeff Dietsch's "Hummingbird Tetra"

It's tough for me to make out the details from the pic, but I'll venture
to guess what you have is a Characidium sp, possibly C. fasciatum (from
South America). Retailers here call them "Walking Tetras." I've kept
both C. fasciatum and C. "Gery" in the past. What is the size of the
cute little thing? It looks very young, which adds an element of
guesswork here. The other possibility is that it may be a Nannocharax
fasciatus (from Africa).  From Baensch Aquarium Atlas, v.1, p.230: "[N.
fasciatus is] similar to the South American genus Characidium though the
latter rests on the bottom on its pectoral and pelvic fins. Nannocharax
relies on its pectorals, anal fin and the lower lobe of its caudal for
this purpose." I hope that this helps.

Walter B. Klockers
klock at olynet_com
Washington State--Where ALL of our pets are wet!