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Fwd: Planorbis corneus maybe (Simone Vicini)

I asked Simone Vicini from the Apisto Mailing list if she knew anything about
the "Brilliant Red Ramshorn" which was rumored to have come from Italy.  I am
forwarding her response for anyone interested in obtaining some specimens.
Bob Dixon in Boise,
where Autumn promises to be wonderful this year.
Forwarded message:
From:	ps.vicini at flashnet_it (Simone e Pierluigi Vicini)
To:	idmiamibob at aol_com
Date: 97-09-16 13:19:37 EDT

Hi Bob, 
          I was trying to find the scientific name of the
"Brilliant Red
Ramshorn snail" and I think that the snail you are looking
for could be the
Planorbis corneus or maybe the Palnorbis umbilicatus .
These kind of snails
lives in freshwater also here in Italy.
The Palnorbis
corneus is one of the few snails wich has haemoglobin this is
the reason why
this snail seems to be red, infact the red haemoglobin can
be seen through
its shell this gives this red color to the snail. The other
thing is the breathing system but anyway If this is what you
are looking for
I could search for some  specimens to send you. But first
check out if this
is the snail you are looking for.

Let me know
Simone Vicini
(ps.vicini at flashnet_it)