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Re:pond snails

Jonathan  wrote:

>I noticed this egg clusters on my five day old plants only tanks.  I gave
>the plants a ten minute PP bath before planting but apparently some
>survive. How do I get rid of Pond snails in a planted tank?  I'm also
>planning to seed the same tank with MTS.
>Any words of advice?  Thanks.

You can pick them off and look for egg clusters and take them out or (my
favourite) you can put in two or three clown loaches which will munch them
up in no time. Clown loaches are lovely fish. They sometimes punch holes in
my Lobelia leaves and will eat the Anubias flowers (unless you give them
some cucumber) but I love them anyway.

The MT snails are no problem. They don't eat plants and mainly stay in the
substrate away from Clown loaches. The loaches will eat them if they can
but I've noticed that they can't once the snail is closed up tight and big
enough with a strong shell.

in Vancouver