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"Red" ramshorn snails

A couple of days ago, someone mentioned that "Red" ramshorn
snails were recently grown in Florida, but that the strain was

Well, lo and behold, I think I just ran across them in a
standard "Daleco" catelog.  In the description, they explain
that "Red" ramshorns are originally from Europe and used to
be quite common in the States a generation ago.  They explain
that the red gene is recessive and that by careless interbreeding,
the "red" ramshorns have all but disappeared.  They have both
the Red and Brown varieties for sale if anyone is interested
($4.95 + postage).  I've never ordered them before, but I've
been satisfied with the other "live food" cultures that they
have available.  Don't know for sure if this is the same strain


Just a satisfied customer... etc. etc. 

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