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Re: Soil substrates and OM

I'd like to thank Dave and Paul for answering my post so promptly
and in such detail.

I was being unclear in using the terms rooted and stem plants. By
rooted I meant rosette such as crypts, swords and vals; by stem I
was thinking of ludwigia, eusteralis stellata, the rotalas, and
H. polysperma.

Briefly, Paul pointed out the obvious, which was not so obvious to
me -that the stem plants might not be adequately rooted. Presumedly
this takes a good while, longer if little CO2 or nutrients are
present in the water. I'll have to practise patience.

Dave's suggestion is being followed and a good powerhead added to the
tank. In another month it should be apparent how well the ludwigia,
rotala wallichii, and hydrotriche hottoniiflora absorb nutrients
from the sediment. Slow growth could be a blessing in disguise.

Interestingly enough, my aponogeton hybridus and their plantlets
do well in this soil alone or mixed 50/50 with spaghnum peat.
Maybe I have a low OM soil. It could be time to work in some manure. 

Finally with respect to Anubias lanceolata, it grows exceedingly
well for me hydroponically. Submerged it grows painfully slowly
unlike A. bartieri var. nana.

Dave Whittaker
ac554 at FreeNet_Carleton.ca