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Re: PH and KH


> My tap water is:
> 	PH 8.5
> 	KH 5
> The tank water rapidly goes to PH 6.5 and KH of 1.
> I am using baking soda to raise the KH. I do water changes
> and take out dead leaves. 
> Will PH buffers help?
> Thanks
> Sherlock Wong
> wong at dt_wdc.com

My question would be more "Why does it drop?" rather than "How do I
control it?"  By my estimate, your tap water is about in equilibrium with
atmospheric CO2 so your pH should be fairly stable.  Should be, that is,
unless there is a source of acid in the tank.  

Bacterial nitrification, peat filtration and normal respiration are the
most common acid sources that come to my mind.  Nitrification or
respiration shouldn't be a great problem unless the tank is very heavily fed.

To get a stable pH, find the source of the acid and remove it.  If you
can't remove it, then things might be difficult.  You don't say what part
of the tank water you change, or how often.  If its low, then increasing
your water changes might help.  You could try using crushed dolomite,
limestone, coral skeletons or shells in the substrate or in a filter to
help maintain a high pH.

I think artificial buffers are a Bad Idea. 

Roger Miller