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Algae problem on E. Tenellus

My two 120 gallon tanks are a couple months old now.  From the beginning,
one has been healthier than the other.  The obvious differences are that
the healthy tank is moderately hard and slightly alkaline, whereas the
problem tank is pH 6.7, DH 5.

Algae is a significant problem, with a nearly black coloured algae at the
edges of many plants, and a fuzzy green algae covering my E. Tenellus. 
This is particularly a good example because in the other tank the E.
Tenellus has no algae on it at all.

I have put up a picture of the algae plagued E. Tennelus at


There are no detectable nitrates in the tank.  Iron has probably been low
for the past couple of weeks - I've just recently discovered that the Red
Sea test kit I am using for iron is reporting 0.1 even on pure RO water.

There are 24 SAE's and 3 Bristlenoses in this tank.

Any suggestions?

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