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SAEs and SAAEs

I like to keep geographical tanks but am always making an exception in my
South American tanks for SAEs.  I'd really like to find a South American
equivalent (which could be dubbed SAAE for South American Algae Eater).
In that regard, I'm wondering if anyone has ever come across Parodon
pongoense and had an opportunity to test their algae eating habits.  Riehl &
Baensch, Vol. 1 has this to say about them, in part:

Syn.: Apareiodon pongoense, Apareiodon caquetae

Soc. B.: A peaceful fish found in small, rocky pools often in company with

F: L, the genus lives on algae but will also take flake and FD foods.

S: Similar to Crossocheilus siamensis.  It can be distinguished by its
adipose fin, the absence of barbels and an additional black stripe the
length of its back. There are 20 species in the genus, all of similar

Kim Bryant
smskahj at netacc_net