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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #952

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<< Subject: Re: Crosocheilus species
 I finally got a look at the three Crossocheilus specimens featured
 in Robert's "The Freshwater Fishes of Western Borneo." They are
 C. cobitis, C. oblongus, and an undetermined species. The pictures
 aren't great; however, C. sp. undet. outwardly resembles a SAE
 both from the description and from the photo. It has the sharply
 defined zigzag black lateral line extending into the caudal fin
 nearly to the end and a single pair of rostral barbels. I cannot
 tell whether the back has the reticulated pattern. The specimen
 is 50 cm long and obviously young from the large eyes. The author
 does not label it C. siamensis; rather, he suggests that it may
 be C. oblongus var. nigriloba. The year of publication was 1989.
 I wonder which Crossocheilus species, or regional varieties
 thereof, the Indonesian wholesalers are shipping. Does this mean
 that there could be a SAE look-a-like or subspecies with its own
 particular eating habits derived from local conditions going
 under the SAE banner? Maybe there is a difference between a
 "foxy lady" and an "algae-eating shark."
 By the way, the photograph of the specimen of C. cobitis
 described by Robert does not entirely resemble that which
 appears in Baensch Atlas II under the same name. Anyone
 surprised? To be fair, taxonomic features no doubt take
 precedence over appearance when it comes to determining species.
 - --
 Dave Whittaker
 ac554 at FreeNet_Carleton.ca
Hey Dave, hope that's 50mm, not the half a meter minnow that said "I want
algae", "NOW".
   Have you seen the piece by Petru Banarescu, 1986. A review of the species
 of Crossocheilus, Epalzeorhynchos (sic), and Paracrossocheilus (Pisces,
Cyprinidae). Travaux Du Meseum d Histoire Naturelle "Grigore Antipa". v. 28,
141-161. In examining specimens and pix on the west coast (U.S.), I peg the
more common non-SAE as Paracrossocheilus vittatus... tho we do have 'the real
thing' here as well.
  Anyhow if you can't the above ref. and would like a copy (if Coke (tm)
doesn't have me locked up already), I'll send a copy along with a xerograph
of a pop. pc. I penned for the hobby mag.s on the ish of who's who and
   Re the apparent diff. twixt Robert and Hans, they may well be the same
fish species as far as I can tell.
Bob Fenner