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Adams family swords

My algal war is down to one troublesome bugger; a filamentous sort of algae
which grows in long spider web like strands, breaks off and hangs up on
other plants.

Currently I am dosing .5ml per day of tropica mastergrow yielding a Lamotte
iron test reading of  about .05 or less. My plant growth has slowed
considerably and the amazon swords have effectively stopped growth and are
turning yellow. When I increase daily fertilizer dosage the filamentous
sort of algae responds as quickly and vigorously as my hygro polysperma.

What can I do to improve my swords and not this filamentous sort of algae?

Tank specs:
60 gal (2 months old)
Fluorescent C-50 lighting 120 watts for 8 hours 40 watts for 12 hours
CO2 enriched,  pH 6.9 (lights on) to 7.2 (lights out)
GH 9, KH 6, nitrite and ammonia 0 (Tetra test kit)
Plain gravel substrate, 4 inches, with duplarit g in the bottom inch

Jeff Kropp
Oakland CA