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Crossocheilus spp.

	Dave (and others),
	I first brought up the idea that there was more than one sp. of
Crossocheilus being imported quite some time ago (see past issues of APD).
I think that this may explain why so many different aquarists have
reported such varied behavior in these fishes. I really think that this is
an area that should be explored. 
	It seems that most people purchase a group of "SAEs" at one time
from one source. How many people have purchased these fish on different
occasions and noticed that they looked a little different or behaved a
little different? It is my opinion that there are a number of
Crossocheilus spp. being imported and sold as "SAEs" and this explains why
some "SAEs" are aggressive, eat plants, or do not eat certain types of
algae. The morpological differences between many spp. of the genus are
such that an aquarist could not differentiate. 
	Anyway, it would be interesting to hear from anyone that could
shed some light on this. How did Liisa and Frank originally Identify the
SAE as Crossocheilus siamensis? Did they send samples to a taxonomist,
follow a published key, or what?

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