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Medication and co2

I bought two VERY nice angels from a petshop a few days ago and the dealer
gave me a good deal.  I was so excited at the price offered that i did'nt
stop and think why she would be selling them so cheap.  Turns out they have
mouth and tail fungus.  My question is: i want to medicate them but I also
plan to add a co2 injector this week and double the lighting.  Is this going
to be too much for one weekend and stress the plants/fish?  Or maybe it will
be to hard to isolate the changes in ph or other tests because i'm doing too
many things at once?  I could buy a twenty gallon medicin tank ( i probably
will end up buying a tank this size anyway because they are paired off and i
want them to breed) but it would REALLY be stretching my budget to extremes
and i would not be able to get the co2 and lighting for a while longer.  What
do i do?

BTW  I tried to keep this short because i know it's annoying when people
ramble so if i left anything out that might help please tell me.

Stephen Martin in houston where winter is inching it's way down south a few
degrees at a time.