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Re: AquaSun & VHO

> I have skimmed much of the archives, and I have found no mention of
> favorite Tri-phosphor bulb,the URI Aquasun. I have used these with
> results for several years and I like the color (5200 k). They cost
me about
> $30 each for 36" bulbs and I have to order them, but they seem
worth it. I
> havn't seen them in any comparison studies, such as George Booth's.
> anyone else use them?
> Second question: I saw nothing in the archives about VHO. The
> all seem to be between standard fluorescents and MH. There is a
> article in the Sept, 97 FAMA about the improvements in recent years
in VHO
> sytems. I have thought,for several years, about changing to VHO
> for my 45 g deep tank (24" deep). Does anyone have experience with

I'm using 400W of VHO Aquasuns on a 75g Dupla compliant aquarium and
love these lamps.  I've got four of them powered by an IceCap 660
ballast.  This setup has performed perfectly for over two years now. 
I've changed the lamps once and did so mostly because that is what I
have heard other people do.  The lights were still plenty bright and
provided a nice appearance to the aquarium.  The plants did perk up
after changing two of the lamps.

As advertised, these lamps do not run any warmer than standard output
fluorescents.  During the summer I have a couple of muffin fans on
the canopy to pull the warm air out but the tank warms up anyway due
to the ambient air temp in the house.

I still prefer the appearance of Metal Halide lighting (and the
open-top design) but if you have a closed top tank, I would highly
recommend VHO.