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Re: Red Ramshorn Snails

The Colombian Ramshorn snail definitely eats aquatic plants and the
brownish to red Ramshorn from South America only may eat plants if
starving.  At that, they really don't eat much; and always algae first.  

There is a brilliant Red Ramshorn Snail available somewhere in the World
which is a good algae eater.  It was imported into the United States
through the Netherlands some years ago.  Southern Tropicals in Florida
exhibited these gorgeous Ramshorns at the Fish Farmers' Show in Florida,
but evidentially lost the snails somehow sometime after the show.  I was
told that they came from someone in Italy that was producing them when I
inquired in the Netherlands.

If there is someone from Italy reading this, do you know about the
availability of these gorgeous, brilliant blood-red snails?  They are a
lovely addition to the planted aquarium.