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ARO valves

> >Subject: ARO valve Mail Order?
> >
> >I am looking for a needle valve for my current CO2 setup and am
> >interested to know if there is a mail order source for the ARO NO1
> >valve.  That one seems to be the consensus for performance at a
> >reasonable price. 
> >Ryan

Ryan and others, A recent search of the web turned up the following
information. Apparentlty, ARO valves are owned or manufactured by
Ingersoll-Rand. For info on where to buy them try e-mailing:    
info at aro_ingersoll-rand.com
I have previously called their HQ. There, I was given the name of a
local distributor. 

I have both the NuPro valve and the ARO. Both seem to do a good job. The
NuPro's casing is metal compared to the plastic body of the ARO. I
haven't tried to take either apart, nor do I plan to.

Pat Bowerman