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New Tank Setup

Date: Fri, 12 Sep 97 10:11:04 -0500
From: "Boris Kaushansky"<boris_kaushansky at datascope_com>
Subject: New Setup Question

     I am setting up a new 25gal tank.  I will be running 110W of
     fluorescents raised 5 inches above the tank through a glass cover,
     injection, and a ehiem 2215 for filtration.  
     1.  Is laterite the substrate fertilizer of choise??
     2.  What should I layer the ehiem with??  (peat, filter floss, 
     prefilter blocks, etc)??  And in what order??
     3.  If I decide to keep a couple of Discus, is their anything I
     avoid given the higher temps they perfer??
     4.  Any other comments would greatly be appreciated!!
     Thanks for any info.

Boris - 

I recently also setup a new tank.
Having read postings on layering the substrate, I wanted
a simpler substrate.

I used Seachem Flourite. It is a gravel substrate, but is
made of clay. It does not cloud up if you disturb the
substrate. It is too early to say if it works. But to me, it looks
like the holy grail of substrates for a guy who didn't want to 
experiment with multiple ingredients.

You can look at Seachem's web page for a short discription of
Flourite. It's not cheap either, shipping is costly.

I also posted a email a few weeks ago on my experiences with the

Sherlock Wong