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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #950

> Hi All,
> I can find a source for most of the required components for a pressure
> CO2 system except the electrical solenoid.  They don't seem to be
> complicated devices but they are dreadfully expensive in the usual
> aquarium supply catalogs.   I have a Sandpoint solenoid that works great.
>  I use a timer to turn the CO2 on when the lights go on and turn an air
> stone on when the lights are out.
> Does anyone know where these or similar solenoids can be bought at a
> reasonable price??

Solenoids are best bought from companies that supply pneumatic and 
equipment. The type of solenoids you are after are the ones that are 
for air logic. These are low pressure solenoids that come in a variety 
voltage coils. I have seen 24V, 110V and 240V versions. The ones I have 
by a company called Festo. Festo make all kinds of air logic parts, 
and air switches for industrial machinary.

Mine cost about US$15 each.


Marque Crozman.