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Re: Living Water Vital

	I have been using this product in 2 of my 6 tanks. I don't have a
controlled study set up so this is strictly specualtive. The 2 tanks I've
been using it in are my 2 biggest problem tanks.

Tank A has had constant blue green and/or red beard algae problems since I
set it up. They got so bad that most of my plants died. I now have 4
differant types of vals, amazon chain swords, a Cape Fear Spatterdock and 
water lilly. Everything is doing well except for the lilly, it is alive
not growing very well. I haven't had any algae problems. I do have 4 SAEs
in the tank, but it finally looks great.

Tank B has been established for about 10 years and looked great, I had
many rare crypts in it. The tank got clobbered by the ice storm we had in
March, 3 days of cold and no light when the power went out, massive crypt
meltdown. I have been using Living Water Vital in this tank. Recovery
has been very slow, but that may be due to the fact that after 10 years my
substrate may be played out, I'm going to juice it up with laterite in the
next couple of weeks. I have had some algae problems but niothing I would
classify as serious.

Bottom line-I think it does work, although I have no data from controlled
studies to back this observation up. I would recomend it for problem
tanks, if your tank is doing well I don't think it will do much for it.

      -Gerry Skau
       I Can Only Please 1 Person A Day
       Today is Not Your Day
       Tomorrow Is Not Looking Good Either.