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> From: "G.Tong" <gtong at sirius_com>
> Subject: T8s and FO mystery solved
> Grainger helped me out with the F0 designation that Erik wrote about for
> "new" T8 lamps. The designation may be brand-based and used only by
> Sylvania. Notice I've used qualifiers ("may") because I haven't looked up
> all possible lamp designations.

Yep, thanks.  Found that one out immediately after I sent the post when I
looked at some Phillips tubes at work (silent "D'oh!").  But I did say in
the original post that's why I used three criteria (size, wattage,
designation), not just one of them. :) What kinda sucks about the
designation is that if you buy a sylvania ballast, it says "use with FO32
tubes only," which is great if your supplier has only given you Sylvania
tubes. Grr. 

I'll add the SPX and TL7xx info to my personal cache now,
as well as the tidbit that 25 watt, 36" versions ARE available.  No 18",
though, eh?

Erik D. Olson					         amazingly, at home
eriko at wrq_com