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Aquasun & VHO

Hello folks,

I just discovered and joined this group, but I have dabbled in plant tanks
for about 12 years. I have been completely isolated in this pursuit, so it
is very nice to find a community of "Dutch" aquarium devotees. I read The
Optimum Aquarium in 1986 and have applied a poor man's version of Dupla
principles ever since, with good results, mostly with simple bunch plants.
I do very little water testing, and have mostly "played it by ear".

I have a couple of lighting questions.

I have skimmed much of the archives, and I have found no mention of my
favorite Tri-phosphor bulb,the URI Aquasun. I have used these with good
results for several years and I like the color (5200 k). They cost me about
$30 each for 36" bulbs and I have to order them, but they seem worth it. I
havn't seen them in any comparison studies, such as George Booth's. Does
anyone else use them?

Second question: I saw nothing in the archives about VHO. The comparisons
all seem to be between standard fluorescents and MH. There is a favorable
article in the Sept, 97 FAMA about the improvements in recent years in VHO
sytems. I have thought,for several years, about changing to VHO Aquasuns
for my 45 g deep tank (24" deep). Does anyone have experience with VHO?

I appreciate any advice, opinions, etc. Many thanks,

Glenn Godsey