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Shiner Request

Dear Fellow Fish Buddies and Aquarium Hobbyists,

Craig Watson has asked me to forward this request to as many fish
hobbyists as possible.  Please forward it to any fish hobbyists that you
may know or anyone that might help Craig with this project.

Please take a copy of this to your local fish store and aquarium

Because of the nature of this blanket request, it may be possible that
you receive this request more then once.  If that happens, please
forgive us.

Mr. Fish

The Tropical Aquaculture Laboratory is working with several producers
and hobbyists who are interested in producing native species of shiners
for the ornamental trade.  While there has been some anecdotal
information on spontaneous spawnings, very little is available on the
biology of many of these fish.  I am in the process of assessing the
current knowledge base, prior to making any concerted research efforts
on the topic.  I am searching for any information, regardless of how
trivial it might seem, that exists on the following species, or any of
the members of the genera Notropis or Pteronotropis:

     Notropis hypselopterus        (Sailfin Shiner)
     Pteronotropis signipinnus     (Flagfin Shiner)
     Pteronotropis hubbsi          (Bluehead Shiner)
     Pteronotropis welaka          (Bluenose Shiner)
     Notropis maculatus            (Tailight Shiner)

If you can assist with this effort, please forward any comments or
information to Craig Watson at:

     Craig Watson, Director
     Tropical Aquaculture Laboratory
     University of Florida
     1408 24th Street S.E.
     Ruskin, FL  33570

     (813)671-5234 FAX

     caw at gnv_ifas.ufl.edu

Once I put everything together, I will send my summary to anyone who
assists with the information.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Craig Watson