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Re: getting a co2 system

>    I am interested in setting up a "Dutch aquarium" (I
>think that is the right term for a plant only tank),
>My problam is nobody in Israel seems to have even heard
>about a co2 pump.
I recently bought a CO2 system in Israel. It is made by Tetra and I've seen it in some places;
I bought my in "the 3 wishes" (*shloshet hamish'alot*) in Kibutz Hazoreah.
I've seen the same unit in a green house near Rishon-Lezion (contact me for exact location).
I've seen similar model in "dany-dag"(I think thats the name) in Rishon (near the Golden Mole).

The system is made of a small CO2 tank connected to a 15cm tube in the aquarium. the tube is open on the lower side and has a thin membrane on the upper part. The amount of water, plants, water circulation determine the amount of CO2 used. Each morning I press the CO2 nozzle (Its like a deodorant tank) and fill the tube.

Such system costs around 100NIS (30$). Note: There are no CO2 tanks from tetra but I guess any spray-tank will fit.
Can someone please explain about the difference between such system and a system that bubbles CO2 into the water? (The guy in the shop told me that this method is called "passive" opposing to the "active" model with the CO2 bubbler. Make any sense?)

I'm trying to get into the bubbling system with a CO2 tank + regulator + needle valve but I'm not sure where to start looking (those offered in fish shops are too expansive for my budget). Anyone from Israel have any idea?

I'm thinking about setting an aqua / aqua-plant mail group for Israelies.
I would welcome any mail from Israelies as I'm not aware of anyone here that has experience in aquaria that I can turn to.